Brownfield Listings is an online real estate workspace that connects redevelopment stakeholders and professionals to each other and to robust property due diligence. This data- and media-rich environment is ideal to organize and develop the due diligence that transitioning and challenged properties require prior to a successful transaction or during their redevelopment. In this marketplace of ideas people and professionals create, comment and contribute to the redevelopment process of individual properties or neighborhood and area-wide plans. Brownfield Listings makes it easier to organize, measure and manage the social diligence vital to so many redevelopments today.

  • Brownfield Buyers and property/project Listers engage in direct dialog in a dedicated deal platform hosting the due diligence that drives the redevelopment conversation.
  • Buyers, Listers, professionals and the public communicate on a project platform built to daylight redevelopment diligence and allow for idea cross-pollination, collaboration and cooperation.
  • A motivated crowd of redevelopment stakeholders organizes around specific properties or groups of properties to drive higher and better design input into the projects needing the best intelligence.
  • Brownfield Listings' workspace infrastructure combines these elements to drive higher and better end uses and outcomes for market participants, leading to the sale or repositioning and reuse of the property sought by all redevelopment stakeholders.

Listers can publish their redevelopment projects in real time for market feedback, public comment or community engagement. The workspace is a useful public notice tool and is able to host and organize all the documents and data that come with real estate redevelopment. Listers can update on the fly as the project evolves to get information out in advance of public meetings. Daylighting your redevelopment project in this way reduces public surprise and lowers the risk of public rejection. This upfront approach can collect valuable feedback very early in the redevelopment process—allowing for course and scope corrections before large amounts of capital are committed to projects.

For EPA brownfield grant applicants, satisfying minimum public notice requirements is not good enough. A community engagement program is now a threshold requirement for brownfield grant applications—without which your application will not be reviewed—and EPA will evaluate and score each community engagement effort in the competition for the limited funds available. Applicants must demonstrate the quantity, quality and effectiveness of their outreach.

The Brownfield Listings workspace provides the redevelopment management platform to empower outreach efforts openly on the internet, to generate feedback from redevelopment professionals who are registered market participants, or to invite individual team members to organize an internal due diligence effort in private—according to the visibility settings you select.