Brownfield Listings is an online real estate marketplace designed to meet the unique due diligence demands of the transaction of transitioning and challenged properties. Our marketplace is built to simplify and streamline the due diligence process and provide users with tools to empower their own efforts—where buyers and sellers, vendors and project managers, and redevelopment professionals and the community can connect, communicate and conduct due diligence in a dedicated and secure online platform. Brownfield Listings makes it easier to collect, manage, share and publish redevelopment due diligence. And even if a property is not for sale, users can publish a project with their listing or an RFP seeking input or proposals from Vendors and redevelopment professionals to help reposition the property for reuse.

  • Property buyers and real estate developers can search shop and compare pricing in a dedicated national marketplace.
  • Developers and listers communicate in a digital deal platform built for negotiation and idea cross-pollination.
  • Developers, listers, vendors and other redevelopment professionals engage in active promotion on a marketing platform designed to easily publish and share their activities, successes, stories, properties and projects.
  • Brownfield Listings' marketplace infrastructure combines these elements to drive higher and better outcomes for market participants, leading to the transaction sought by all redevelopment stakeholders.

Buyers, developers, vendors and other redevelopment professionals can access our marketplace with powerful search and reporting tools to discover actionable brownfield intelligence more quickly.

In the Brownfield Listings marketplace, listers organize and share their redevelopment due diligence to meaningfully test the market for interest in their property and to receive valuable feedback or proposals from a network of property specialists and redevelopment professionals. Listers customize a due diligence prospectus unique to each property. New reports or test results can be uploaded from anywhere and instantly posted to the listing. Proactive listers can attach RFPs to Listings to announce specific scopes of work on the property as its complications are worked down and its marketability or reuse potential is built up. As property conditions evolve, new properties are listed or RFPs are posted, registered users with access to the Brownfield Listings marketplace can receive notifications and updates—set to their own preferences.

The Brownfield Listings marketplace is structured to help each property find the right visibility. Listers can set a Listing's visibility to the privacy settings they choose. Listings can be published from Brownfield Listings openly on the internet for maximum reach, kept in the marketplace for view only by registered market participants or viewable by invitation only.