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Zoning Ordinance Update
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The Town of Greenville, WI recently adopted its new 2040 Comprehensive Plan in July 2019. It recently updated its Subdivision Control Ordinance and now has initiated a complete rewrite of its Zoning Ordinance in order to implement the Comprehensive Plan. The Town is seeking proposals/qualifications from qualified firms for this project. Project Background The Town Board has directed staff to complete the rewrite utilizing Town staff for the majority of the project. Ordinance language content will be developed by staff, the Planning Commission and Town Board. The Town has also initiated a public involvement process that it will manage. However, there are technical components of the project the Town requires a consultant for which include the following: 1. Development of graphics/images. The Town desires the ordinance to have graphics and images to assist with defining the text of the document. It is unknown at this time how many graphics/images will be required but it is the Town’s goal to combine similar code requirements into as few graphics/images as possible. 2. Definitions. Updates to existing, creation of new and elimination of definitions are required to correspond to the ordinance language and graphics/images. 3. Ordinance Testing. The ordinance will need to be tested to make sure there are no abnormalities and the regulations created don’t cause major issues or are inconsistent with the Comprehensive Plan. Staff will lead the testing, but assistance is requested. Alternate: 4. Architectural Design. The Town has interest in completing sub-area plans for various areas in town and developing architectural design requirements for those various areas. If these sub-area plans are completed, the Town desires architectural design ordinance language to be developed. The scope of these plans have been defined and is included within a separate RFP/RFQ but include the Urban Core, Heritage and Gateway areas as identified in the 2040 Comprehensive Plan. The complete RFP is available for download below.
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