Request for proposal for Lumina Industrial Park
Request Name:
Orchard Whitney Redevelopment
Request Description:
The property is located immediately south of Lyell Avenue in the City of Rochester, less than 5 minutes from the City center. The Site is a 3.9-acre site located at 415 Orchard Street and 354 Whitney Street and offers a significant redevelopment opportunity because of the considerable amount of vacant or underutilized parcels that surround the site. By extending a short distance north to Lyell Avenue, south to Riley Park and east to Broad Street there are an additional 7 acres of vacant or underutilized brownfield properties, some of which are City-owned. Adjacent to the Orchard-Whitney site, these brownfield parcels add acreage and street frontage that may increase the redevelopment potential and marketability. Proposals must be submitted in PDF format electronically to Dorraine Kirkmire by 5:00 pm April 3, 2017 to: Please visit our project website for more information at: or request a copy of the RFP by completing the request form at:
Response Due Date:
Target Starting Date:
EPA grant funding:
Grant description:
brownfield area-wide planning grant
Award amount (in dollars):
$ 200
Other funding sources:
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