Definition of Heathfield

What is a Healthfield?

healthfield redevelopment strategy A Healthfield is a site that can be used to improve access to healthcare or to improve the physical and/or psychological health of the community. In real estate redevelopment and economic development, a “Healthfield Strategy” uses available land to encourage specific types of development targeted towards various community health challenges, such as: inadequate access to health care in medically underserved areas, the presence of high food insecurity and/or food deserts, lack of parks, greenspace and pedestrian amenity/infrastructure (including low handicap accessibility and/or unsafe built-environments for children, seniors or other sensitive receptors). In addition to using Healthfields to fill missing sources of health in the community, Healthfield strategies can also target specific health disparities. Drawing a “Health Zone” on a map to identify areas with the highest rates of infant mortality, asthma-related emergency room visits, diabetes, lead poisoning or other medical outlier is often the first step towards reverse engineering a strategy to improve health outcomes in the community.

A Healthfield can be any parcel of land, there is no physically defining characteristic.

Examples of Heathfield uses include clinics, hospitals, vision or dental care centers, community centers, youth centers, community gardens, parks, playgrounds, grocery stores, greenways, dog parks or any other place improving individual physical health or ameliorating psychological encumbrances negatively affecting the health of the community.

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