Greyfield Definition

What is a Greyfield?

definition of greyfield A Greyfield is real estate or land which has been previously developed and used. As such, Greyfields are the opposite of never-developed Greenfields. Some Greyfields are simply underutilized or vacant properties, ready for reuse with a quick refresh. Other Greyfields contain outdated and obsolete structures requiring adaptive reuse or demolition. Greyfields can suffer from excess vacancy, prolonged idleness, use failure or even total abandonment—but they can also possess reusable infrastructure such as parking lots, utility hookups, or structures. Similar to Brownfields, Greyfields may be blighted or in substantial disrepair, but unlike Brownfields and Redfields they have no known or suspected environmental contamination of any significance.

Examples of Greyfields include obsolete retail and commercial properties and office complexes, as well as mothballed factories, decommissioned industrial facilities and other legacy properties. Greyfield issues can include inefficient, poorly located or failed infrastructure, including stormwater management, utilities or parking. Greyfield or legacy impacts can cause energy inefficiency, flooding and other unsafe conditions; and can include stream or wetland disturbance, habitat destruction or fragmentation or other ecosystem disruption. Each of these impacts also present opportunities to daylight streams, restore wetlands, repair and reconnect habitats and redevelop the balance between the built and natural environments more sustainably—and economically productive. Rightsizing large scale parking lots and installing pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure are common tactics used to redevelop many large commercial and retail Greyfields.

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