Ecofield Definition

What is an Ecofield?

definition of ECOFIELD An Ecofield has past, present or potential use as an ecosystem. It may contain habitat for rare, threatened or endangered species—such as wetlands, streams, forests, or prairies. It may also possess ecological assets that provide some ecosystem service to the environment, such as water purification or waste decomposition. Some Ecofields are historic, dormant or impacted—having been interrupted or impaired by development, e.g. being paved over for a parking lot or drained for a field or foundation—but whose ecological potential can be restored or redeveloped.

Functioning and healthy Ecofields are essential for healthy wildlife populations and ecosystem services, upon which all life depends. By protecting and restoring areas upon which wildlife and natural systems depend, we lay the foundation for a sustainable and successful living planet. And in the case of Ecosystem Services, provide clean drinking water and pollination functions upon which civilization and economies depend.

In an increasing number of jurisdictions the natural value of an Ecofield can be monetized via credits, tax breaks, etc. in connection with the creation or restoration of natural features that provide habitat and ecosystem services. These financial instruments normally proceed from due diligence that documents the environmental potential of ecological intervention on a particular property. For example, an eco-credit assessment might analyze and evaluate the monetizable benefits available to landowners who create a wetland, restore a channelized stream, or otherwise dedicate land to non-developed purposes of conservation.

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