About Us

Brownfield Listings is a first-of-its-kind national marketplace dedicated to challenged properties - often known as "brownfields" - where some real or perceived difficulty is impacting the value of the property, complicating its sale, frustrating its redevelopment or otherwise limiting its potential. BrownfieldListings.com connects buyers and redevelopment experts with sellers or property owners looking to remediate and redevelop their property. Our platform enables its users with an integrated and interactive marketplace for properties, projects, RFP's and public engagement.

Brownfield Listings is a platform for everyone.

Both property marketplace and project workspace, Brownfield Listings is a market to offer real property for sale, as well as a forum to introduce property redevelopment ideas. On BrownfieldListings.com, users can list a property for sale to registered Buyers, post a Request for Proposal for a specific scope of work to registered Vendors and publish a Project Board for public comment to allow the community to participate directly in the redevelopment process. Now you can easily market your property nationwide and connect to the local community from a single platform. Listers can daylight the due diligence process by opening it to a wider audience of professionals, community residents or the general public— to publish and archive important information, to generate community support, and to crowd source ideas.

This first-of-its-kind national marketplace gives registered Buyers and Vendors the tools to find, evaluate and track properties and projects quickly and efficiently. Now Buyers and Vendors have access to a fresh database of detailed property due diligence in a simplified and standardized format, delivering unmatched depth and quality of property and project data. Brownfield Listings also provides Buyers and Vendors the ideal ecosystem to market themselves and stay connected to market events and other active market participants.

We simplify the process with tools that make it easier to create higher quality due diligence and publish it to a targeted audience. Built as a due diligence engine, BrownfieldListings.com gives stakeholders a common digital infrastructure designed for the unique diligence and data demands of brownfield transactions and property redevelopments. Our marketplace infrastructure condenses and commoditizes critical property details essential to successful transactions, while also handling the large volume of data typical of brownfields and other challenged properties.

Brownfields are properties with questions. Brownfield Listings is the platform where answers are developed and brownfield success stories are built.