About Us

Brownfield Listings is a two-in-one national real estate marketplace and project platform dedicated to the design, diligence, and development of challenged properties — often known as "brownfields" — where some real or perceived difficulty is impacting the value of the property, complicating its sale, frustrating its redevelopment or otherwise limiting its potential.

BrownfieldListings.com is the premier online platform to list real estate needing to be remediated, reimagined, redeveloped and revitalized. Our specialty marketplace connects brownfields buyers, developers and redevelopment experts with sellers, property owners and communities.

But Brownfield Listings is more than just a one-way marketplace. Developers, buyers, vendors and professionals list their own profiles, so property owners and sellers can search for them. Brownfield Listings is a cohesive redevelopment ecosystem with multiple actors all working in their own way toward real estate reuse.

As a project platform, BrownfieldListings.com is a collaborative workspace where information and documents can be shared and property redevelopment ideas developed. We simplify the redevelopment project with tools that make it easier to create consistent, quality redevelopment information and publish it. Built as a due diligence engine, BrownfieldListings.com gives stakeholders a common digital infrastructure designed for the unique diligence and data demands of brownfield transactions and property redevelopment projects.

Use the RFP tool to publish a formal RFP or to post informal requests for interest and proposals from professionals and potential project partners. Publish a Project Board for public access to allow the community to participate directly in the redevelopment process and put your designs and documents in their hands. Now you can easily market your property nationwide and engage the local community from a single platform—to publish, share or archive important information, to generate community support and to crowd source ideas.

Our mission is to end the tyranny of blight, contamination and real estate underutilization and build a better world from the ground up. Our aim is to break through the barriers holding back the brownfield space by using technology to build tools that empower redevelopment stakeholders, so they can develop their vision, get to market and realize the full potential of real estate everywhere.

Brownfields are properties with questions. Brownfield Listings is the platform where answers are developed, connections are made and success stories built. Together we can rebuild our real estate and revitalize our communities, and we can do it on Brownfield Listings.