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BL CEO Dan French delivering the opening keynote address at Brownfields 2017 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
Workshops, executive trainings and bespoke remarks by BL

Deploy the BL Lab to activate your audience, stir your stakeholders or tackle your toughest challenges alongside your team.

Inspiring speakers

Members of the BL Team can be available to speak at conferences and lead events around the world. BL’s insightful and inspirational CEO, Dan French, is highly sought for delivering a simultaneous mix of vision and substance that is both easy to understand and deeply relevant.

Mr. French’s depth of experience and first-person perspective delivers objective context essential to understanding the epochal planetary evolution now underway in the economy, environment and energy markets. On the front lines of change as CEO of, his unique caliber of cutting insight is a powerful orienting force capable of clearing the fog of current events and distilling trend lines and headlines into meaningful, actionable takeaways. Every day, Mr. French’s robust perspective and dynamic leadership is re-calibrating strategic development and decision-making at the highest levels. His passion is infectious, reinvigorating project-level thinking throughout leading firms, institutions and governments around the world.

Often building from the boutique thoughtwork produced in the BL Lab, the BL Team delivers fresh, cutting insights capable of inspiring audiences at all levels from the C-Suite to stadium seats.

Keynotes and Conferences

In addition to the difference-making guidance he provides government officials, C-Suite executives and professionals across multiple industries, Mr. French also occasionally speaks to students. His expansive diversity of knowledge, objective presentation and catching inspiration comes through in both short and long form presentations. Whether for today’s leaders or tomorrow’s, Mr. French’s functionalist worldview offers takeaways essential to operating in today’s reality and vital to positioning oneself or one’s firm advantageously in front of the fast-approaching future.

Enjoy this abridged keynote address from the 2018 Oklahoma Brownfields Conference (or find a full keynote video further below):

Bespoke Formats

Redevelopment Experts

Workshops, Events and Executive Trainings

For deeper engagements and longer discussions, the BL Team can lead a half-day workshop, full-day workshop, working session or other event designed for more robust dialogue with public and/or private sector professionals worldwide.

Tailored Remarks and Troubleshooting Sessions

Troubleshooting sessions and tailored remarks are built to the unique conditions and circumstances of each geography, each market, each project and each client. Through various guided discussions and exercises, the BL Team can lead decision makers and/or stakeholders through simultaneous orientation to key concepts, trends and data relevant to your matter in the current moment. Learn more about BL’s ability to bring data, vision and experience to bear in the BL Lab.

Master Classes & Lectures

BL’s subject matter experts can work with you and your organization to craft a curriculum best suited to coaching your stakeholders and/or team members. For bespoke remarks, BL employs a deep-dive approach to couple content with substantial dialogue beforehand to imbue our insights into your most relevant situational context. BL’s tailored presentations are data rich and deeply thoughtful. When appropriate, we can collaborate closely with you to determine the most relevant themes, key issues and core messages to guide the most productive experience for your audience. Redevelopment workshop

Executive Seminars & Working Sessions

BL can bring insight directly into the boardroom with custom-crafted sessions to roll up our sleeves with you and develop specific ideas to address your burning strategic issues. The BL Team can deploy worldwide for onsite or offsite working sessions to adapt strategies to meet your most complex circumstances side by side. These highly engaging seminars and sessions deliver the form and substance that can activate your decision-makers and build transformational experiences to arrest short term crises and shift long-term strategic thinking.

Brainstorming Salons

Similar to the executive seminar and working session formats, BL can design and deliver dynamic brainstorming salons to engage small and medium sized groups. If your goal is to stimulate out-of-the-box thinking among team members, stakeholders and decision-makers, BL’s curated brainstorming salons offer an exclusive and intimate opportunity to engage in direct conversation and spark fresh ideas.

Re-Visioning Sessions

Similar to brainstorming salon formats, BL can focus on re-imagining new possibilities to specific problems and busting through bottlenecks holding you back. If you need a big idea to break out, BL can help you see circumstances differently and manifest forward progress.

Enjoy Dan's full keynote address before a large assembly of more than 2,000 professionals at Brownfields 2017 below:

Inspirational and visionary speaker

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Full Keynote Address:

$2000 (<100 minutes, including Q&A)

Half Day Workshop:

$5000 (<3 hours)

Full Day Workshop:

$9500 (<6 hours)

Other Bespoke Formats:

Determined by scope

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*Public sector discounts available for educational institutions, nonprofits, cities and community groups.

General Terms

Travel and accommodations not included.

A non-refundable deposit is required to reserve any speaking engagement.

Balance of payment is due prior to the event.

Reservations are held with a strictly respected first-booked, first-served basis.

Select Presentations

powerful keynote speaker

Brownfield Redevelopment’s Past, Present and Future

Basics of Brownfield Redevelopment Strategy

Brownfield Priming: Best Practices, Bottlenecks and Dealmaking

Pre-Positioning your Property for Productive Reuse

Economy, Environment and Energy in the 21st Century

Building Ideas to Rebuild your Community: Brownfield Redevelopment Strategy and Marketing

Global/Regional Macroeconomic Trend Analysis and Forecast

Comparative Global Economic Geography: Clues to the Future from Lessons in History

Is America in Decline?

The Earth is a Sphere and All Spheres are Finite: Observations on Un-Sustainability

North American Exceptionalism and Natural Advantage Won the ‘New Normal’ (Again)

Shifting from the ‘Century of Scarcity’ to Super Abundance

Is the U.S. Economy Stronger than Ever?

Fundamentals of the Emergent Real Estate Renaissance

Adaptation, Resilience and Infrastructure: Winning the Battle for the Built-Environment

Great Recession = Great Reset

Foodshed Development and Economic Gardening: How Locals Can Rule

Regional Approaches to Local Agricultural Economic Development

Rebuilding from a Greyfield Apocalypse

Mitigating the Rising Bluefield Challenge

Debunking the Myth of American Decline

Re-Imagining the Maximum Potential of the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Are Regionalism and Nationalism Rising to Replace an Unwinding Globalization?

How to Sustain 12 Billion People on the Planet Earth and Beyond

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