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Workshops, Events and Executive Trainings

For deeper engagements and longer discussions, the BL Lab can lead a half-day workshop, full-day workshop, working session or other event designed for more robust dialogue with public and/or private sector professionals worldwide.

Tailored Remarks and Troubleshooting Sessions

Troubleshooting sessions and tailored remarks are built to the unique conditions and circumstances of each geography, each market, each project and each client. Through various guided discussions and exercises, the BL Team can lead decision makers and/or stakeholders through simultaneous orientation to key concepts, trends and data relevant to your matter in the current moment.

Learn more about BL’s ability to bring data, vision and experience to bear in the BL Lab.

Master Classes & Lectures

BL’s subject matter experts can work with you and your organization to craft a curriculum BL property analysisbest suited to coaching your stakeholders and/or team members. For bespoke remarks, BL employs a deep-dive approach to couple content with substantial dialogue beforehand to imbue our insights into your most relevant situational context.

BL’s tailored presentations are data rich and deeply thoughtful. When appropriate, we can collaborate closely with you to determine the most relevant themes, key issues and core messages to guide the most productive experience for your audience.

Executive Seminars & Working Sessions

BL can bring insight directly into the boardroom with custom-crafted sessions to roll up our sleeves with you and develop specific ideas to address your burning strategic issues. The BL Team can deploy worldwide for onsite or offsite working sessions to adapt strategies to meet your most complex circumstances side by side.

These highly engaging seminars and sessions deliver the form Effective Trade Area by Brownfield Listingsand substance that can activate your decision-makers and build transformational experiences to arrest short term crises and shift long-term strategic thinking.

Market Analysis & Current Conditions Assessment

The BL Lab conducts the comparative analysis, performs the historic research and examines the market(s) and specific conditions necessary to build the objective insights that can generate relevant, reliable understandings into the current moment. When appropriate, the BL Lab can dive deeply to develop custom research, conduct first-person interviews and engage the community to ground stakeholder decision-making.

Strategy Audit & Trend Analysis

Leverage BL’s powerful analytics and market insight to better understand your current position in today’s global economy. Re-examine your recent history, reconsider your development path and re-plot your position(s) in a comprehensive context of relevant trends.

"If you don't know where you are going, any road will get you there," Alice was advised down the rabbit hole. BL will meet you where you are, build you a map and help you find your best route(s) forward.

Strategic Planning & Scenario Building

BL’s strategic planning and scenario building begins by framing the relevant context, cross-checking understandings, objectifying assumptions, determining key drivers of change as well as critical needs and goals.

By mapping potential outcomes over multiple pathways, powerful keynote speakerBL’s rigorous strategic planning processes produce resilient, high-return outputs. BL’s scenario building is no less robust, only more focused on developing a specific scenario in greater depth with more detailed analysis. In both cases, BL works iteratively and collaboratively with each client to build the most acutely responsive planning support possible.

Trend Forecasting & Future-Proofing

Amidst the swirling mishmash of mega trends sweeping change across geopolitical, economic, social, environmental and technological landscapes, which trends are dead ends, which will bend, and on which trends does the future depend? BL deploys multiple systems and techniques to develop comprehensive forecasts rooted in objective reality and historical context. The BL Lab’s extremely wide view, deep analytics and keen insight will integrate the complexities of the contemporary global machine’s many diverse trends and distill frameworks, plans and forecasts that factor in the full spectrum of potential the 21st century presents.

Visioning & Re-visioning Exercises

BL’s visioning exercises are built to develop the big ideas and grand plans needed to meet your near-term and long-term objectives–scaled from the ground up.

On the other hand, BL’s re-visioning exercises are designed to reorient your current trajectory by re-imagining and re-conceptualizing your existing plans–developing more effective strategies and stronger growth paths.

Stakeholder Salons & Brainstorming Sessions

Leverage the BL Lab’s big thinking and bright presentation to provoke critical thinking, out-of-the-box ideas Redevelopment workshopand intellectual collaboration among stakeholders and decision-makers. The BL Lab leads dynamic dialogues and interdisciplinary brainstorming sessions in cities around the world for corporations, nonprofits and governments. While each salon or session can be more or less structured with variable degrees of briefing in advance, these exciting conversations are always intimate, candid and thought-provoking events that invite frank discussion and spark fresh ideas.

Investor Tour Dry-Run & Developer Dress Rehearsal

With decades of experience working for and on behalf of some of the largest organizations in the world, BL understands how investors, real estate developers and site selectors think. Leverage our unique, first-hand perspective to test your ability to appeal to the types of decision-makers deploying trillions of capital investment in today’s ever-evolving economy.

The BL Lab comes to you, tours your community, evaluates your site(s) and takes stock as any site selector might–often bringing actual real estate developers along. The BL Lab’s ground up approach and multidisciplinary expertise closely simulate real world ‘show & tell’ opportunities and are designed as real-time, live-fire working sessions.

The Lab poses the hard questions and provides direct feedback to improve your ability to impress a real investor or real estate developer. Your team will take away tips and insights it can use to prepare for the opportunity to meet with the next industry leader, Environmental field surveyinvestor, developer and/or site selector that visits and forge lasting first, second and third impressions that lead to new opportunities.

Red Teams

The BL Lab deploys a “red team” to triage or troubleshoot tough problems. Red teams are deployed to audit assumptions, second-guess logic and develop counter-arguments. The BL Lab will test the question/problem from multiple perspectives, plays devil’s advocate and build alternative scenarios either to repair mistakes of the past or proof future opportunities.

Very often organizations make difference-making decisions in a vacuum without subjecting their strategies to sufficiently rigorous scrutiny by developing a robustly objective second opinion. The BL Lab’s multi-disciplinary red teams deliver invaluable feedback to decision-points that make the difference between success or failure.

While red team reservations are available on an extremely limited basis, the BL Lab can sometimes accommodate circumstances that require short notice–to avoid setbacks or failure by enabling a course correction before it’s too late.

Custom Presentations & Special Projects

The BL Lab creates cutting-edge research through proprietary reports and custom application of a variety of analytics. The BL Lab is uniquely adept at linking quantitative and qualitative analysis with original insights that speak directly to each unique circumstance.

Our collaborative model, results-driven approach and cooperative spirit make us the ideal team to partner with other teams or parachute into situations with existing teams. Downtown revisioning strategyDepending on the scope of the project and/or the urgency of the need, it may be prudent to interface or work collaboratively with numerous disciplines.


Full Keynote Address:

$2000 (<100 minutes, including Q&A)

Half Day Programming:

$5000 (<3 hours)

Full Day Programming:

$9500 (<6 hours)

Other Bespoke Engagements:

Book Brownfield ListingsDetermined by scope

*Public sector discounts available for educational institutions, nonprofits, cities and community groups.

General Terms

Travel and accommodations not included.

A non-refundable deposit is required to reserve any speaking engagement.

Balance of payment is due prior to the event.

Reservations are held with a strictly respected first-booked, first-served basis.

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